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This project has been created for allowing you to use Yammer with C#.

This project is a DLL.

The DLL is based on the latest implementation of OAUTH 2.0 for Yammer.

For the moment you can make GET Operations Only on the following urls :

  • api/v1/messages.json
  • api/v1/messages/[:id].json
  • api/v1/messages/private.json
  • api/v1/messages/received.json
  • api/v1/messages/following.json
  • api/v1/messages/my_feed.json
  • api/v1/messages/algo.json
  • api/v1/messages/sent.json
  • api/v1/streams/notifications.json
  • api/v1/users/current.json
  • api/v1/users.json
  • api/v1/groups.json
  • api/v1/users/[:id].json
  • api/v1/networks/current.json

POST operations will be all implemented soon.

  • For the moment you can post a simple message
  • post a message with multi topics
  • delete a message with the id

Befor using the DLL you need to create or declare a Yammer App into Yammer platform.

For using the DLL just import it and call the Methods as following :


var req = new Requestor(); // the main method
req.Connection("[CLIENT CODE]", "[SECRECT KEY]", "", "[REDIRECT URI]");
req.Credentials("[LOGIN]", "[PWD]");


//and then the methods available

User user = req.GetCurrentUser();
List<User> allusers = req.GetAllUsers();
List<Groups> allgroups = req.GetAllGroups();
List<Groups> publicgroups = req.GetPublicGroups();
List<Groups> privategroups = req.GetPrivateGroups();
RootMessages publicmessages = req.GetPublicMessages();
RootMessages privatemessages = req.GetPrivateMessages();
RootMessages receivedmessages = req.GetReceivedMessages();
RootMessages followingmessages = req.GetFollowingMessages();
RootMessages algomessages = req.GetAlgoMessages();
RootMessages sentmessages = req.GetSentMessages();
RootMessages feedmessages = req.GetMyFeedMessages();
Notification notifications = req.GetNotification();
List<Network> networks = req.GetNetworksNoPaginated();


The result appears like that :


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